INTRODUCING: A Digital Marketing Blueprint Custom Designed to fit your unique business
A Digital Marketing Strategy - Custom Designed to fit your unique business goals and needs.
Does a new business, or the idea of working in a restricted market 
Have You Feeling A Bit LOST? 
Don't stress..we Get it!
The first step in building anything is to create a blueprint, so why should your business be any different? 

At Molly Rose Media, we know that whether you are just starting out, looking to expand, or just ready to master your marketing in restricted markets it all starts with a solid foundation. 

As experts in the Cannabis and Marketing fields, we get it.. You have so many options, and it seems like everywhere you turn someone is telling you about a different method, tool or platform you NEED to be using. 

It can become exhausting, and for some businesses even paralyzing trying to figure out where to turn. Before you know it the stress builds up to the point where the business that you started in order to bring you freedom, becomes the thing constantly tying you down. 

The marketing alone can feel like a full time job. 

Whether you're looking for a full service marketing from out team of experts, or just an easy to follow plan that you can execute yourself, the business blueprint is the perfect first step in our journey together! 
Alright, Let's Get to the Details:
 You will walk away with a Strong business Foundation 
& an actionable plan 
- a Customized blueprint that will help you get 
actual proven results!!!
The Molly Rose Media Team will work one-on-one with you to create a marketing plan unique to your business’ goals, target market, competition, and marketing budget. No two marketing consultations are the same because every business has its own unique identity and goals. At the end of our digital marketing consultation, our clients walk away with confidence in their marketing plan, marketing tactics built with their business goals and niche in mind, and a practical system that can be implemented right away. 

Discover the SECRETS used by Professional Marketing Experts...
     Get clear on what you are selling - whats you SUPER POWER? - And let us help you craft an offer around it
     Who is your CUSTOMER - Customer avatar creation and insights
     Industry & Competitive research 
     Establishing a tangible workflow to execute your new marketing plan
     Promotional and Editorial Calendar Creation
     Determining what traffic sources work best to meet your targeted goals, and the best systems for delivery
Let's face it, If your not getting the right message out to the right people then NO ONE IS LISTENING 
- this Blueprint will serve as the foundation for all of your marketing and sales efforts.
Suddenly your website or sales funnel will make sense...Your Ads will start to show serious results... & best of all, 
Your customers will find you.
Meet Molly Rose:

Dubbed “Queen of Cannabis Marketing” by peers and clients is the founder of Molly Rose Media & co-owner of Insights Consulting. 
Molly specializes in creating campaigns in restricted markets with a background in traditional and organic marketing as well as business development. 
She is known for her cutting edge digital marketing strategies, influencer campaigns, coaching programs and agency consulting as well as her non-profit work with the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation and as a blended family advocate.  

"When you work for clients who have been shackled by restrictions on most of the popular paid ad networks, you get the opportunity to use your creativity to its full potential!"
She brings her out of the box concepts & years of business development together to help businesses discover and thrive within their unique identities 
and believes that success is all based on "framework."
Since We Really Want You to Succeed, We're Also Throwing in

Free Bonus #1: The Art Of Getting Visible ($47 Value)

Being visible is one of the largest battles businesses, brands, and thought leaders face, 
Molly Rose has compiled top strategies and insider secrets to help you bring your message the attention it deserves.
What People Are Saying about Molly:

"Molly is your girl"

"If you're looking to grow your business presence online and also increase your followership & brand awareness, then Molly is your girl. 

She understands the modern Social Media Marketing space very well and I'm confident that she will do whatever she can to listen to your business needs and help provide solutions to those needs."
Nate Joseph, Founder of SkyCraft

"Take your vague ideas and turn them into a masterpiece"

"Molly is highly talented and exceptional. You know when you have met one who is able to take your vague ideas and turn them into a masterpiece. That's what she did for me. "
Carolyne Onkoba, Author Of "Split Second Success"

"Now I know why people referred me to you!"

"You shared a lot more information about cannabis marketing than expected, and I'm very grateful for that. Now I know why people referred me to you! You know what you're doing! Thanks again. I look forward to our future conversations. "
Jesse Westphal, Owner of Redline SEO Services LLC. A Phoenix SEO Company
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